Cord and braids

Every day in our factory in France we manufacture several tens of thousands of metres of ropes and braids on our 900 braiding and knitting machines. We use natural materials (organic cotton, linen, hemp, jute) or synthetic materials (polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, HMPE) to weave all types of articles according to the use and the desired aspect!

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Hot Knife Rope Cutter


Electric knife for a clean hot cut and melt any type of synthetic materials: ropes, straps, braids, synthetic fabrics, plastic parts, etc. Very ergonomic to use, this product is suitable for intensive or limited use. Blades operating temperature approximately 600°C. 60W power, power saving Easy to change blade  This knife is sold with a blade

Colour cotton rope - 50m


Following the success of our 100% classic cotton cord , we have launched this range of braided cord in a variety of bright colours! White, black, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, khaki, navy, these cords will be able to meet all your fashion or decorative needs. Diameter 6mm or 8mm Made in France in our own factories, to ensure you always get the best value for money

Braid 100% linen - 50m


Braided rope 100% linen Nature's best friend! Perfect for handles, cord belt, or any other application where a natural/biodegradable product is required

Cordon polypro - 100m Cordon polypro - 100m
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Polypropylene cord - 100m


We manufacture this thin cord ourselves using polypropylene thread. This means we can offer you a vast selection of colours: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, grey etc. Available in 2-4mm diameter Very attractive, with a shining gloss, this cord is used especially in jewellery making, pouches, small bags, etc.

Halyard polyester - 100m


Polyester halyard rope specially designed for outside - very good performance in all weathers, rot proof, UV resistant. High breaking point and abrasion resistant Quality braiding Available in black, khaki or white Supplied in reels of 100m

Organic waxed cotton cord - Spool 100m


We produce our waxed 100% cotton cord in a wide range of colours. Is our wax coating method is unique in France and allows us to offer extremely high quality wax coated laces, which have become the market leader. Is ideal for the jewellery and pendant making, and also for packaging/decoration, this product is a must-have.

String measurer - diam. 3mm to 23mm


Manual meter-counter measuring machine for measuring the length of cables, ropes, hoses, flexible hoses...

Manual handle allowing to use this measuring machine in any situation. High measuring accuracy thanks to its grooved wheel. 

Diameter 3mm to 23mm

Cable measurement up to 999.99m