Cord and braids

Every day in our factory in France we manufacture several tens of thousands of metres of ropes and braids on our 900 braiding and knitting machines. We use natural materials (organic cotton, linen, hemp, jute) or synthetic materials (polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, HMPE) to weave all types of articles according to the use and the desired aspect!

rope braid

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Hot Knife Rope Cutter

€126.37 Tax excluded

Electric knife for a clean hot cut and melt any type of synthetic materials: ropes, straps, braids, synthetic fabrics, plastic parts, etc. Very ergonomic to use, this product is suitable for intensive or limited use. Blades operating temperature approximately 600°C. 60W power, power saving Easy to change blade  This knife is sold with a blade

String measurer - diam. 3mm to 23mm

€253.30 Tax excluded

Manual meter-counter measuring machine for measuring the length of cables, ropes, hoses, flexible hoses...

Manual handle allowing to use this measuring machine in any situation. High measuring accuracy thanks to its grooved wheel. 

Diameter 3mm to 23mm

Cable measurement up to 999.99m