Plastic buckles

Are you looking for a specific plastic buckle? It is probably already in our catalogue! We offer a very wide range of hooks/hooks, loops, adjustments, clip buckles, and many other items to combine with our textile components (straps, elastics, cords, bungees). Our extremely complete range will seduce you. And if you don't find what you are looking for, we manufacture all types of injected parts, so don't hesitate to ask us about your specific projects.

Plastic Buckles

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795 Buckle - pack of 100


Quick release plastic clip buckle, standard design This item is one of our key products for bags, apparel, outdoor uses, etc. Sold in bags of 100 male pieces + 100 female pieces

SFX15 buckle - Pack of 100


Quick release plastic buckle with clips, well designed contoured shape, only available in 15mm. Sold in bags of 100 male pieces + 100 female pieces

FAN - Pack of 100


Our high performance cam buckles can be used to adjust and lock straps safely. Perfect for diving belts The locking lever locks the strap to prevent any unexpected slippage. Supplied in packs of 100

SA Rings - 100 pcs


We offer a lightweight and non-corrosive alternative to metal rings with this simple plastic part. Supplied in packs of 100

OS Rings - 100 pcs


Classic rectangular plastic slide buckle. The perfect choice to keep the strap straight when adjustment is not required

SC double slide buckle - 100 pcs


Our TG slide adjustment buckle is an industry standard plastic buckle. These plastic slides are also called "length reducers" and are available in 15mm-50mm widths.

F1 - pack of 100


Standard plastic cord lock. The product is aligned so you don't have to manually press down on the button before inserting the cord: once the cord is put into the hole, press down on the barrel to unlock the mechanism and engage the spring to lock any type of 3mm cord.

MS hook - pack of 100


Standard plastic carabiner/hook. Available in many sizes it has many uses. Easy to use anywhere. Supplied in packs of 100

ELL buckle - 100 pcs


Plastic ladder lock adjustment buckle which enables easy adjustment of a backpack strap length by simply moving the buckle which releases the strap. Sold in packs of 100

Shock cord hook - Pack of 100


Circular plastic hook with ingenious attachment mechanism allowing you to manually attach the this hook to any type of cord (in particular elastic cord or shock cord). Simply clip the collar onto the hook, the cord is locked securely. Available in 5mm or 8mm, black only