Strings specially designed for indoor decoration or furnishings, cotton, linen or hemp appearance depending on the product

Deco cotton strings

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Braid 100% linen - 50m

€17.30 Tax excluded

Braided rope 100% linen Nature's best friend! Perfect for handles, cord belt, or any other application where a natural/biodegradable product is required

Knitted cord 100% linen - 50m

€20.34 Tax excluded

Knitted rope 100% linen Nature's best friend! Special knitting technique makes this cord flexible and nicely rounded. Perfect for handles, cord belt, or any other application where a natural/biodegradable product is required

Braided cotton piping - 50m

€15.98 Tax excluded

Our 100% cotton braided piping does not become deformed when ironed, unlike piping which has a synthetic core. Suitable for cord/lacing applications Colour ecru

100% Cotton Rope - 50m

€29.30 Tax excluded

High quality braided cord 100% cotton, ideal for decoration. Available in 4-14mm diameter, natural ecru colour

Hemp Rope - 50m

€26.78 Tax excluded

THE best natural fibre cord. This on trend hemp braid was designed for nature lovers and offers a back to basics look: crafty and modern. Supplied on recyclable reels of 50m

Imitation hemp rope 18mm x 5m

€69.73 Tax excluded

Braided polypropylene imitation hemp rope offering the benefits of hemp, but without the disadvantages: looks great and does not rot over time. Anti-UV treatment, ideal for outside use. Only available in 18mm diameter, sold in 5m lengths

STN Catalogue - 150 pages

€10.00 Tax excluded

With 150 pages describing more than 1000 items, our catalogue is divided into 8 sections (spinning - textiles - weaving - apparel - plastics - metal hardware - metal work - metal lifting) and shows the products made in our 18 factories in application.

Colour cotton rope - 50m

€49.80 Tax excluded

Following the success of our 100% classic cotton cord , we have launched this range of braided cord in a variety of bright colours! White, black, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, khaki, navy, these cords will be able to meet all your fashion or decorative needs. Diameter 6mm or 8mm Made in France in our own factories, to ensure you always get the best value for money

String measurer - diam. 3mm to 23mm

€253.30 Tax excluded

Manual meter-counter measuring machine for measuring the length of cables, ropes, hoses, flexible hoses...

Manual handle allowing to use this measuring machine in any situation. High measuring accuracy thanks to its grooved wheel. 

Diameter 3mm to 23mm

Cable measurement up to 999.99m