Cord locks

Cord locks

Cord locks sold per 100 pieces. As its name suggests, this accessory allows you to block any cords for use in leather goods, clothing, outdoor
Cord locks

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F1 - pack of 100


Standard plastic cord lock. The product is aligned so you don't have to manually press down on the button before inserting the cord: once the cord is put into the hole, press down on the barrel to unlock the mechanism and engage the spring to lock any type of 3mm cord.

F3 - Pack of 100


Plastic cord lock, based on the ECL design. With two slots to attach to fabric with tape/webbing. Designed to be used with 3mm cord. Sold in packs of 100

TWIWS - pack of 100


Double cord lock offering an efficient way to join cords and to close bag openings. Designed for use with 3mm diameter cords, supplied in packs of 100.

BC washing bag - 100 pcs


Able to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, this 100% plastic cord lock does not rust which makes it suitable for use in industrial laundry applications. Supplied in packs of 100. For 2mm or 5mm diameter cords: 2 sizes available

Shock cord self-locking fastener - 50 pcs


Black olive-shaped self-locking fastener for shock cord, 2 versions available: 5/6mm diameter shock cord and 8mm diameter shock cord. This plastic self-locking fastener enables you to make self adjusting ties. Made in France in our injection moulding workshops. Our olive-shaped self-locking fasteners are only available in black, however we can provide special colours for orders over 5,000 pieces

Plastic ball tie - 100 pcs


26mm diameter plastic ball with a central hole which allows you to pass two pieces of 4mm shock cord to make a ball tie assembly. Replace and improve on the earlier wooden ball versions which will eventually rot away

Double plastic cordlock - 100 pcs


Plastic cord block with double insert for fixing cord/ elastic round/ sandow.

Suitable for diameters of 3 mm. Sold per 100 pieces

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CORD LOCK FCF - 100pcs

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Adjustment cord lock,

ideal product for the adjustment of elastic parts for washable or disposable masks.

Inner diameter 3 mm

Outer diameter 6.5 mm

Length 7 mm

sold by 500 pieces minimum, i.e. a need for 250 masks