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Élastique de masque respiratoire Élastique de masque respiratoire
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Elastic Breathing Mask - 100m

€29.20 Tax excluded

High quality braided elastic, specifically designed for the manufacture of respiratory protection masks.

Color white or black

2 Widths to choose from: 5mm or 6,5mm

Elongation 200% - Wash at 60°C

Certified Oekotex standard 100 - Class I (suitable for contact with babies)


Barrette nasale pour masque - 500 pcs
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Flexible Facemask Nose Piece - 500 pcs

€39.80 Tax excluded

Aluminum nose piece used for the production of masks. Also called nose bridge

By folding the barrette on the nose, the mask follows the shape of the face

Width 5mm, length 80mm, thickness 0.5mm

Sold in bags of 500 pieces

100% aluminium = stainless


Hat elastic - 100m

€35.91 Tax excluded

Round elastic / small shock cord 1-3mm diameter.  Also known as hat elastic. Suitable for all applications: fashion jewellery, sewing, filing, POS, etc. On request, option to add metal tilting ends for orders over 1,000 pieces

Outdoor Shock cord - 100m

€44.60 Tax excluded

Specially designed for heavy use outdoors, this shock cord (also known as elastic cord) is particularly suitable for tarps, events, POS, etc. Monofilament UV-resistant polyethylene cover and 100% natural latex core, this composition guarantees quality. Elastic cord made in our factories in France

Fashion shock cord - 50m reel

€48.31 Tax excluded

4.5mm - 6mm or 8mm diameter shock cord specially designed for small-scale use which requires an aesthetic finish: decorations, jewellery, design, apparel, etc. Large range of colours available. Polyamide cover with a shiny finish and unparalleled hand feel. Core 100% natural latex. Made in our factories in France

Braided cotton piping - 50m

€15.98 Tax excluded

Our 100% cotton braided piping does not become deformed when ironed, unlike piping which has a synthetic core. Suitable for cord/lacing applications Colour ecru

Handle GF 27.5cm

€56.34 Tax excluded

Large fabric handle with plastic moulded grip. With fixing anchors at each end.

Total length: 27.5 cm.

Price per 1 piece

Marine shock cord - 100m reel

€33.23 Tax excluded

This shock cord is one of the most widely sought after in sailing. Rot proof, the polyester cover is resistant to UV and chemicals. Good break resistance; specially designed for the most demanding marine uses Marine design, white with black or blue flecks depending on availability.