Carabiner / hook

Carabiner / hook

Our carabiners / plastic hooks are parts for attaching a strap on a ring, hook etc. ..
Carabiners / hooks

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MS hook - pack of 100


Standard plastic carabiner/hook. Available in many sizes it has many uses. Easy to use anywhere. Supplied in packs of 100

Shock cord hook - Pack of 100


Circular plastic hook with ingenious attachment mechanism allowing you to manually attach the this hook to any type of cord (in particular elastic cord or shock cord). Simply clip the collar onto the hook, the cord is locked securely. Available in 5mm or 8mm, black only

MR rotating hook - per 100 pcs


360° rotating carabiner allows you to add a unique feature to articles you manufacture, the design of this product is based on our SNH hook. Supplied in packs of 100

SSH secure hook - per 100 pcs


This increasingly popular carabiner is a good looking combination of plastic/metal, combining the strength of metal and the lightness of plastic. Only available in 40mm width Supplied in packs of 100

Plastic hook - 100 pcs


Shock cord plastic hook diameter 3-5mm to attach your elastic cable to any object quickly and easily (the hole through which you need to thread the shock cord has an internal diameter of 5mm) Colour black or white. Simply thread the shock cord into the hole, and then make a simple knot or staple the end so that it is attached to the hook.