Elastic strap

Elastic strap

Used furniture, including our sanglatex help ensure elasticity suspension seat
Elastic strap - 50m roll

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Sanglatex Extra 7 - 50m


Woven natural rubber elastic webbing with latex coating. Width: 25-80mm. Recommended elongation: 100%. Sold in 50m roll. Used for furniture making, specifically to ensure elasticity of seat bases.

Top Elastic Strap - 50m


Woven elastic webbing for seats, width 60 or 70mm.  Recommended elongation: 30%.  Composition: 80% Polypropylene - 20% natural rubber  

D80 Elastic Strap - 50m


Woven elastic webbing for seats, width 46-60 or 70mm.  Recommended elongation: 70%.  Composition: 80% Polypropylene - 20% Natural rubber

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We have designed a reinforced elastic that is particularly suited to technical uses that require a strong item with a high recall.

For outdoor or industrial use, made up or used as is, this versatile elastic will suit many uses.

This elastic has a good thickness (4mm) which ensures an optimal feel and grip.

Available in the following widths: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 /60 mm

Roll of 50 m