Shock cord / elastic cable

Shock cord / elastic cable

We are probably Europe's largest manufacturer of bungee cords. Specialising since our origin in elastic braiding, we have recognised expertise and are able to braid our elastics in all diameters and in a wide range of colours. Polyethylene, polypro, polyamide (nylon), polyester, HMPE, we work with all materials to meet all your needs.


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Outdoor Shock cord - 100m


Specially designed for heavy use outdoors, this shock cord (also known as elastic cord) is particularly suitable for tarps, events, POS, etc. Monofilament UV-resistant polyethylene cover and 100% natural latex core, this composition guarantees quality. Elastic cord made in our factories in France

Hat elastic - 100m


Round elastic / small shock cord 1-3mm diameter.  Also known as hat elastic. Suitable for all applications: fashion jewellery, sewing, filing, POS, etc. On request, option to add metal tilting ends for orders over 1,000 pieces

Fashion shock cord - 50m reel


4.5mm - 6mm or 8mm diameter shock cord specially designed for small-scale use which requires an aesthetic finish: decorations, jewellery, design, apparel, etc. Large range of colours available. Polyamide cover with a shiny finish and unparalleled hand feel. Core 100% natural latex. Made in our factories in France

Marine shock cord - 100m reel


This shock cord is one of the most widely sought after in sailing. Rot proof, the polyester cover is resistant to UV and chemicals. Good break resistance; specially designed for the most demanding marine uses Marine design, white with black or blue flecks depending on availability.

Sandow commando - 100m
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Commando shock cord - 100m

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This reinforced shock cord was designed for the French Army, and is intended for paramilitary applications, it is suitable for any outdoor use requiring camouflage (hunting, camping, nature, etc.) NATO green colour (khaki) only, available in 4-9mm diameter.

Shock cord crimping tool


This professional crimping tool is equipped with a flexible and non-slip handle + safety hook. It can be used to crimp the ends onto shock cord before fixing the hooks. Suitable for professional thanks to the staple loader which allows you to load 50 fasteners at a time, guaranteeing considerable time savings. Suitable for 6mm shock cord minimum

Crimping staples - box of 1,600 / 3,200 pcs


Our galvanised fastenings are specifically designed for our shock cord crimping tool.

Supplied in box of 3,190 pcs (3.5mm / 5mm) or 1,600 pcs (6/8mm)

Easy crimping onto shock cord. Suitable for diameter 3.5 to 5mm or 6 to 8 mm

Electrified shock cord - 25m reel


Electrified shock cord for electric fences made in our factories. Supplied in 25m rolls, this 8mm shock cord is designed to be durable and resistant to bad weather. Braided UV resistant PE cover + 3 stainless steel strands. Made in France.

Shock cord crimping cable end - 100 pcs


A revolution in the world of crimping, this zinc-plated steel cable end is easy to fit on our shock cords. No need for heavy tools, a simple pair of pliers can be used to crimp the connector onto the elastic cord. 100 piece pack, available for 5-10 mm diameter shock cord

Plastic hook - 100 pcs


Shock cord plastic hook diameter 3-5mm to attach your elastic cable to any object quickly and easily (the hole through which you need to thread the shock cord has an internal diameter of 5mm) Colour black or white. Simply thread the shock cord into the hole, and then make a simple knot or staple the end so that it is attached to the hook.

Shock cord self-locking fastener - 50 pcs


Black olive-shaped self-locking fastener for shock cord, 2 versions available: 5/6mm diameter shock cord and 8mm diameter shock cord. This plastic self-locking fastener enables you to make self adjusting ties. Made in France in our injection moulding workshops. Our olive-shaped self-locking fasteners are only available in black, however we can provide special colours for orders over 5,000 pieces

Elastic laces for beds and recliners


This elastic is specially designed for renovating the elastic suspension of your Lafuma chairs and camp beds. This reinforced 3.6 mm diameter elastic has exceptional durability and very good resistance to UV and harsh weather conditions such as rain and frost, etc. Available in white, black, sand and khaki Sold in 25m lengths which can renovate up to 3 chairs

Flat ferrule for shock cord and rope - 100 pcs


A simple and easy way to combine technology and looks for your shock cord and rope ends. Its easy to make a strong and tidy loop: our zinc-plated steel ferrules can be crimped by using a basic pair of pincers to crimp the ferrule on the cable, ensuring a good break strength.   100 piece pack, available for 5-10 mm diameter shock cord

Hot Knife Rope Cutter


Electric knife for a clean hot cut and melt any type of synthetic materials: ropes, straps, braids, synthetic fabrics, plastic parts, etc. Very ergonomic to use, this product is suitable for intensive or limited use. Blades operating temperature approximately 600°C. 60W power, power saving Easy to change blade  This knife is sold with a blade

Plastic ball tie - 100 pcs


26mm diameter plastic ball with a central hole which allows you to pass two pieces of 4mm shock cord to make a ball tie assembly. Replace and improve on the earlier wooden ball versions which will eventually rot away

Métreuse pour câbles et cordes
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String measurer - diam. 3mm to 23mm


Manual meter-counter measuring machine for measuring the length of cables, ropes, hoses, flexible hoses...

Manual handle allowing to use this measuring machine in any situation. High measuring accuracy thanks to its grooved wheel. 

Diameter 3mm to 23mm

Cable measurement up to 999.99m

Marine shock cord - 100m reel


The most resistant shockcord! For the very first time, we have developed a shockcord with a HMPE / Dyneema braided cover and it rocks!

Excellent resistance to breaking, abrasion, and UV

Available in 6mm- and 8mm-diameter