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We produce our waxed cord 100% cotton in a wide range of colors. Our method is unique in France frosting and allows us to provide highly qualitative cords that have become over time you reference the market.
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Organic waxed cotton cord - Spool 100m


We produce our waxed 100% cotton cord in a wide range of colours. Is our wax coating method is unique in France and allows us to offer extremely high quality wax coated laces, which have become the market leader. Is ideal for the jewellery and pendant making, and also for packaging/decoration, this product is a must-have.

Cordon polypro - 100m Cordon polypro - 100m
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Polypropylene cord - 100m


We manufacture this thin cord ourselves using polypropylene thread. This means we can offer you a vast selection of colours: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, grey etc. Available in 2-4mm diameter Very attractive, with a shining gloss, this cord is used especially in jewellery making, pouches, small bags, etc.

Fashion shock cord - 50m reel


4.5mm - 6mm or 8mm diameter shock cord specially designed for small-scale use which requires an aesthetic finish: decorations, jewellery, design, apparel, etc. Large range of colours available. Polyamide cover with a shiny finish and unparalleled hand feel. Core 100% natural latex. Made in our factories in France

Three-coloured organic cotton rope - Rolls 100m


Organic cotton cord. 

Diameter 2 mm

100 m reel

Ideal product for flying labels for textile, food products, price display, instructions, clothing... 

Made in France in our factory.