Every day our 10 ribbon factories in France output millions of metres of technical straps made using natural and synthetic materials


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Judo belt - 50m roll


Cotton webbing width 40mm, specifically adapted to judo belts.

Available in one colour only, packaged in 50m reels.

This woven webbing is also very popular in luggage / leather goods, clothing etc. Many colours available from stock: white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, brown (chocolate), black.

Woven webbing with cotton warp and synthetic weft for greater resistance.

Thickness 1.7mm

Made in France in our workshops

made in france

Linen tape - 100m


100% linen webbing woven in our factories in France! The guarantee of a local product, from the fibre to the weaving. Available in 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm or 80 mm width. A very trendy natural and ecological article.

Ecru colour, packed in 100m rolls.

Ideal for decoration, clothing, packaging...

Polyester webbing - 100m roll


100% High-tenacity polyester webbing. A true alternative to our polypropylene webbing, the polyester looks very similar, but has a greater tensile strength. Polyester is resistant to UV light and is recommended for all outdoor uses: hunting, fishing, camping, etc. Also suitable in industrial settings. The best technical choice, sold in 100m rolls

Seat belt webbing 25mm - 100m


Originally designed for car seat belts, our 1,600kg break strength safety webbing is available in black 38mm.  Relatively thin (1 mm) compared to its strength, this attractive webbing has already found applications in other sectors.

CS 811 Ecru - 100m reel


100% jute webbing, 100% natural perfect for use in seat repairs or for tapestry work. Its natural look is very attractive for decoration. Width 40 or 85mm 20% discount for orders over 1,000m

CRC 811 Ecru / Red - 100m


CRC 811 ecru with red strip. Width 40,60 or 85mm. 100% jute, 100% natural, 100% biodegradable. 20% discount for orders over 1,000m

Sanglatex Extra 7 - 50m


Woven natural rubber elastic webbing with latex coating. Width: 25-80mm. Recommended elongation: 100%. Sold in 50m roll. Used for furniture making, specifically to ensure elasticity of seat bases.

Top Elastic Strap - 50m


Woven elastic webbing for seats, width 60 or 70mm.  Recommended elongation: 30%.  Composition: 80% Polypropylene - 20% natural rubber  

D80 Elastic Strap - 50m


Woven elastic webbing for seats, width 46-60 or 70mm.  Recommended elongation: 70%.  Composition: 80% Polypropylene - 20% Natural rubber

Roller blind webbing - 50m


The industry standard, does not elongate, weather and UV resistant. Very good hand feel. Available in 12, 14/15, 18 and 20mm. Grey pearl colour

Cotton reaper belt - 50m


A real reaper belt, perfect if you are looking for a very thick strap (thickness = 3.2mm) 100% natural: cotton warp-weft with internal soft jute finish. Woven in France in our factories. Available in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm widths Supplied in 50m roll

Ribbed Polypro webbing - 50 ROLL


Still 100% French production, our ribbed polypropylene webbing is suitable for all uses: leather goods, luggage, outdoor, clothing, etc. Its ribbed appearance gives it a top-of-the-range, aesthetic finish.

This strap complements our edging straps and classic polypro straps.

Only available in stock in 40 mm, we can however envisage specific productions in other widths and colours subject to quantity.