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  • STN Catalogue - 150 pages


    With 150 pages describing more than 1000 items, our catalogue is divided into 8 sections (spinning - textiles - weaving - apparel - plastics - metal hardware - metal work - metal lifting) and shows the products made in our 18 factories in application.

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  • Passionné par les petits bouts de ficelle depuis ma plus tendre enfance, je maitrise aussi le coup de la corde à linge...

  • Buveur de Cuba libre de père en fils, et fils en père, je suis la pour vous servir sans modération

  • Fraichement arrivée au sein de l'équipe, j'adore répondre aux clients en un temps record. Mettez-moi au défi, le travail est un sport qui s'entretient !

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  • Drisse para kaki - 300m
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    • -10%

    Commando paracord - 300m

    €66.79 €74.21 -10%

    100% polyamide (nylon) paracord diameter 3.5 mm guaranteed very good resistance to abrasion and weather conditions. NATO green colour mass dyed for a better UV resistance. This cord is specially designed for hunting, fishing and paramilitary use. Ideal to be used as paracord 550. Always in stock with us.

  • Sandow commando - 100m
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    • -10%

    Commando shock cord - 100m

    €42.82 €47.58 -10%

    This reinforced shock cord was designed for the French Army, and is intended for paramilitary applications, it is suitable for any outdoor use requiring camouflage (hunting, camping, nature, etc.) NATO green colour (khaki) only, available in 4-9mm diameter.

  • Galon Store - Bobine 100m Galon Store - Bobine 100m
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    • -20%

    Acrylic Binding - 100m

    €39.42 €49.28 -20%

    Acrylic binding for creating clean and precise edges on fabric, in particular for edging window blinds, marine covers and tent manufacturing, etc. Folds easily and follows the angle of the fabric to make sewing easier. Replaces fabric bias tape and binding ribbon, offering greater flexibility and is easier to use, with better performance: UV resistant. Width 23mm.

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