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Handle GF 17cm
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Handle GF 17cm

€12.10 Tax excluded

Textile webbing handle width 27mm

Overmoulded with plastic fixing pads on both sides 

Total length: 17cm

Length between pads: 10,5cm

Delivered per 1 piece

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CORD LOCK FCF - 100pcs

€15.96 Tax excluded €16.80 -5%

Adjustment cord lock,

ideal product for the adjustment of elastic parts for washable or disposable masks.

Inner diameter 3 mm

Outer diameter 6.5 mm

Length 7 mm

sold by 500 pieces minimum, i.e. a need for 250 masks

Cordon Elastique Rond Masque - Bobine 2000m
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CoKnitted elastic cord specifically designed for mask

€282.00 Tax excluded

Knitted elastic cord specifically designed for mask use. Manufactured in our workshops in the Hauts de France region.

75% polyester / 25% lycra

soft in contact with the skin, Oekotex Class-I certified

Washable at 60°C

Diameter approx. 2.5 to 3mm

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Double plastic cordlock - 100 pcs

€30.50 Tax excluded

Plastic cord block with double insert for fixing cord/ elastic round/ sandow.

Suitable for diameters of 3 mm. Sold per 100 pieces

Élastique de masque respiratoire
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Élastique de masque respiratoire

€72.90 Tax excluded €122.90 -€50.00

Knitted elastic 5mm wide

White colour only

Stretch 200% - Wash at 60°C

Polyester sheath / Latex core

Unique packaging in 500m reel only to reduce the price as much as possible

Visiere anti covid-19 Visiere anti covid-19
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Visiere anti covid-19

€296.00 Tax excluded

Visor in transparent PETG 1 mm thick, protection with plastic film.

White cotton tape 20 mm wide.

Front ribbon allowing the visor to be moved away from the face and allowing glasses and mask to be worn.

Interchangeable ribbon in case of wear and tear.

No fogging due to the distance of the visor from the face.

Adjustment by simple tensioning of the ribbon


Barrette nasale pour masque - 500 pcs
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Flexible Facemask Nose Piece - 500 pcs

€39.80 Tax excluded

Aluminum nose piece used for the production of masks. Also called nose bridge

By folding the barrette on the nose, the mask follows the shape of the face

Width 5mm, length 80mm, thickness 0.5mm

Sold in bags of 500 pieces

100% aluminium = stainless


Élastique de masque respiratoire Élastique de masque respiratoire
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Elastic Breathing Mask - 100m

€29.20 Tax excluded

High quality braided elastic, specifically designed for the manufacture of respiratory protection masks.

Color white or black

2 Widths to choose from: 5mm or 6,5mm

Elongation 200% - Wash at 60°C

Certified Oekotex standard 100 - Class I (suitable for contact with babies)


Seat belt webbing 25mm - 100m
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Seat belt webbing 25mm - 100m

€92.60 Tax excluded

Originally designed for car seat belts, our 1,600kg break strength safety webbing is available in black 38mm.  Relatively thin (1 mm) compared to its strength, this attractive webbing has already found applications in other sectors.