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MW2 - Pack of 100


Specially designed for marine use, particularly marine personal protective equipment, this whistle (European standard EN ISO 12402-8) fits perfectly on life jackets, PPE, etc. The MW 2 produces a sound over 100 decibels, is non-corrosive and floats on water.

Shock cord self-locking fastener - 50 pcs


Black olive-shaped self-locking fastener for shock cord, 2 versions available: 5/6mm diameter shock cord and 8mm diameter shock cord. This plastic self-locking fastener enables you to make self adjusting ties. Made in France in our injection moulding workshops. Our olive-shaped self-locking fasteners are only available in black, however we can provide special colours for orders over 5,000 pieces

Plastic ball tie - 100 pcs


26mm diameter plastic ball with a central hole which allows you to pass two pieces of 4mm shock cord to make a ball tie assembly. Replace and improve on the earlier wooden ball versions which will eventually rot away

Protège cou / épaule souple - 50 pcs


Flexible neck and/or shoulder protector. Ideal for use with polypropylene, polyester or cotton straps. 

Black colour.

In 30 mm: total width 44,50 mm, useful width 31,50 mm, thickness 7 mm

In 40 mm: total width 55 mm, useful width 41 mm, thickness 7 mm

Packed per 50 pieces