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Our enterprise

La Société les Tresses Normandes (STN Tressage) has specialised in the manufacture and development of weaved textile articles for more than 40 years, such as cables/cords, rubber bands/elastic, and various flat-weave cables.

STN Tressage relies on a team of 15 motivated employees at your service today, who shall only be too pleased to answer all your requests.

The firm does not stop innovating in new distribution channels to be closer to its clients on a consistent basis; which is why in 2010 this Internet site was created with a simple idea: be able to supply the greatest number of our articles manufactured in our plants in France, by maintaining the most competitive prices on the market in our 3 fields of production: textiles, plastics, metals, etc.

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An industrial group without equal


STN Tressage is actually an entity of Groupe Fauchille, a true industrial network of 18 plants located north of Paris, and based on 3 core businesses:

The textile industry has been the historic business activity of the group for more than 200 years: fabric/cloth, ribbons, straps, braids, rubber bands/elastic, textile finishing, synthetic thread/yarn extrusion, and ready-to-wear.

The plastics technology, with a new pole of development: mono or bi-injection, duplicate moulding on fabric or metal, paint, maintenance and development of injection moulds.

Metals, the latest activity of the group, which concentrates the manufacture of hooks/clasps, springs, pressing/stamping, processing of metallic parts but particularly the sheet metal cluster: laser cut-outs, punching, painting, assembly, cut-out and bending of tubing/pipes, research department, etc.

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Groupe Fauchille: Have a total of 18 plants and 480 employees ready to listen to your request.