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Halyard polyester - 100m


Polyester halyard rope specially designed for outside - very good performance in all weathers, rot proof, UV resistant. High breaking point and abrasion resistant Quality braiding Available in black, khaki or white Supplied in reels of 100m

Drisse para kaki - 300m
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Commando paracord - 300m

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100% polyamide (nylon) paracord diameter 3.5 mm guaranteed very good resistance to abrasion and weather conditions. NATO green colour mass dyed for a better UV resistance. This cord is specially designed for hunting, fishing and paramilitary use. Ideal to be used as paracord 550. Always in stock with us.

Cordon polypro - 100m Cordon polypro - 100m
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Polypropylene cord - 100m


We manufacture this thin cord ourselves using polypropylene thread. This means we can offer you a vast selection of colours: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, grey etc. Available in 2-4mm diameter Very attractive, with a shining gloss, this cord is used especially in jewellery making, pouches, small bags, etc.

Hollow PE rope - 100m


High quality braided tubular webbing.  material = 100% UV-resistant polyethylene.  Splicing is made easier by joining and re-twisting the monofilament before braiding.  Making it easy to make a loop at the end of the rope. 100m reels - black, green or white

Halter and Lunge rope - 100m


Made in our workshops, this rope is designed for equestrian halters, reins, and lunge ropes, it is attractive and can be used for many other things. Very glossy with preserving very good grip, it resists bad weather due to its HT polyester construction mass dye - and therefore no discolouration over time. Available in a variety of diameters

STN Catalogue - 150 pages


With 150 pages describing more than 1000 items, our catalogue is divided into 8 sections (spinning - textiles - weaving - apparel - plastics - metal hardware - metal work - metal lifting) and shows the products made in our 18 factories in application.

String measurer - diam. 3mm to 23mm


Manual meter-counter measuring machine for measuring the length of cables, ropes, hoses, flexible hoses...

Manual handle allowing to use this measuring machine in any situation. High measuring accuracy thanks to its grooved wheel. 

Diameter 3mm to 23mm

Cable measurement up to 999.99m