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Kevlar rope not fire

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Fireproof rope/cord


Braided ropes made using a special aramid fibre, ultra absorbent and fireproof: for juggling and poi, the visual effect is breathtaking. These products are particularly suited to extreme conditions in contact with fuels, solvents etc.

also called Kevlar or Twaron ropes

Sold per metre (without cut) or by the reel according to your needs. Made in France in our factories

Fireproof diabolo string - 25m


Our fire diabolo string is braided using aramid and kevlar, and is flame resistant ensuring it does not melt. 2mm diameter, this product is finely braided to ensure it doesn't unravel during use. Supplied on 25m reel

Cotton free rope (Corde lisse) - per 5 metres


Free rope (Corde Lisse) 100% cotton to prevent skin burns. Great for aerial acrobatics. Due to its texture and good looks, this product is also suitable for interior decoration (staircase banister, handrail, etc.) Diameter 36mm Available in ecru or black. Sold in 5 metre lengths

Magician's rope - 25m


Ultra flexible and offering good grip, this professional quality magician's rope, braided 10mm diameter in white, is ideal for all rope tricks, both close up or for stage shows.  Your public will be amazed by the magic tricks that you are able to perform with this rope.

STN Catalogue - 150 pages


With 150 pages describing more than 1000 items, our catalogue is divided into 8 sections (spinning - textiles - weaving - apparel - plastics - metal hardware - metal work - metal lifting) and shows the products made in our 18 factories in application.

Commando Rope - 100m


Commando rope for various outdoor applications.

Diameter 10mm, colour black

Packed per 100m

Métreuse pour câbles et cordes
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String measurer - diam. 3mm to 23mm


Manual meter-counter measuring machine for measuring the length of cables, ropes, hoses, flexible hoses...

Manual handle allowing to use this measuring machine in any situation. High measuring accuracy thanks to its grooved wheel. 

Diameter 3mm to 23mm

Cable measurement up to 999.99m