We offer a wide range of crimp T bar aglets which can be used on our rope, shock cord, flat elastic and ribbon to hold the cord in place after it has been passed through a hole or eyelet. We also supply crimping tools and dies designed for these aglets. Commonly used for making bag handles, displays, components, etc. Excellent finish.


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Aglet crimping press


Ergonomic press to crimp aglets on cord or ribbon with a single stroke. Simply install the correct die for the aglet on the machine before crimping these aglets. Sold by the unit

Aglet die


A must-have accessory to ensure perfect crimping of your aglets on cord or ribbon. Each type of aglet has its own die. Super easy to use with one stroke crimp

Tip metal for lace - 1,000 pcs


Metal tip suitable for making lace tip. This piece allows you to make your own needle laces by crimping on all types of cord. ideal if you want to develop your own brand and be free to create the dimensions you want. Tip available in silver or "antique black" colours

Very resistant - nickel free guarantee

Flexible Facemask Nose Piece - 500 pcs


Aluminum nose piece used for the production of masks. Also called nose bridge

By folding the barrette on the nose, the mask follows the shape of the face

Width 5mm, length 80mm, thickness 0.5mm

Sold in bags of 500 pieces

100% aluminium = stainless