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Handle GF 27.5cm


Large fabric handle with plastic moulded grip. With fixing anchors at each end.

Total length: 27.5 cm.

Price per 1 piece

Braid 100% linen - 50m


Braided rope 100% linen Nature's best friend! Perfect for handles, cord belt, or any other application where a natural/biodegradable product is required

Organic waxed cotton cord - Spool 100m


We produce our waxed 100% cotton cord in a wide range of colours. Is our wax coating method is unique in France and allows us to offer extremely high quality wax coated laces, which have become the market leader. Is ideal for the jewellery and pendant making, and also for packaging/decoration, this product is a must-have.

Halyard polyester - 100m


Polyester halyard rope specially designed for outside - very good performance in all weathers, rot proof, UV resistant. High breaking point and abrasion resistant Quality braiding Available in black, khaki or white Supplied in reels of 100m

Sandow commando - 100m
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Commando shock cord - 100m

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This reinforced shock cord was designed for the French Army, and is intended for paramilitary applications, it is suitable for any outdoor use requiring camouflage (hunting, camping, nature, etc.) NATO green colour (khaki) only, available in 4-9mm diameter.

Polyester webbing - 100m roll


100% High-tenacity polyester webbing. A true alternative to our polypropylene webbing, the polyester looks very similar, but has a greater tensile strength. Polyester is resistant to UV light and is recommended for all outdoor uses: hunting, fishing, camping, etc. Also suitable in industrial settings. The best technical choice, sold in 100m rolls

LL buckle - 100 pcs


Standard ladder lock buckle, our LL buckle has the advantage of being versatile and easy to use.  It is available in various sizes: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40mm.  Sold in packs of 100 pcs  

Flat ferrule for shock cord and rope - 100 pcs


A simple and easy way to combine technology and looks for your shock cord and rope ends. Its easy to make a strong and tidy loop: our zinc-plated steel ferrules can be crimped by using a basic pair of pincers to crimp the ferrule on the cable, ensuring a good break strength.   100 piece pack, available for 5-10 mm diameter shock cord

100% Cotton Rope - 50m


High quality braided cord 100% cotton, ideal for decoration. Available in 4-14mm diameter, natural ecru colour