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CoKnitted elastic cord specifically designed for mask


Knitted elastic cord specifically designed for mask use. Manufactured in our workshops in the Hauts de France region.

75% polyester / 25% lycra

soft in contact with the skin, Oekotex Class-I certified

Washable at 60°C

Diameter approx. 2.5 to 3mm

Visiere anti covid-19


Visor in transparent PETG 1 mm thick, protection with plastic film.

White cotton tape 20 mm wide.

Front ribbon allowing the visor to be moved away from the face and allowing glasses and mask to be worn.

Interchangeable ribbon in case of wear and tear.

No fogging due to the distance of the visor from the face.

Adjustment by simple tensioning of the ribbon


Flexible Facemask Nose Piece - 500 pcs


Aluminum nose piece used for the production of masks. Also called nose bridge

By folding the barrette on the nose, the mask follows the shape of the face

Width 5mm, length 80mm, thickness 0.5mm

Sold in bags of 500 pieces

100% aluminium = stainless




We have designed a reinforced elastic that is particularly suited to technical uses that require a strong item with a high recall.

For outdoor or industrial use, made up or used as is, this versatile elastic will suit many uses.

This elastic has a good thickness (4mm) which ensures an optimal feel and grip.

Available in the following widths: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 /60 mm

Roll of 50 m

Tri-colour strap blue/white/red


Three-coloured cotton webbing blue/white/red 40mm wide.

Available in blue/white/red only, packed in 50m spools.

This woven webbing is very popular in luggage / leather goods, bag / tote bag making etc. 

Woven webbing with cotton warp and synthetic weft for extra strength

Thickness 1,7mm

Made in France in our workshops

Three-coloured organic... Three-coloured organic...
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Three-coloured organic cotton rope - Rolls 100m


Organic cotton cord. 

Diameter 2 mm

100 m reel

Ideal product for flying labels for textile, food products, price display, instructions, clothing... 

Made in France in our factory.